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Alliance and Leicester Onboarding Case Study

Create a Fun And Informative Learning Environment When Onboarding New Employees

Alliance and Leicester was a UK-based bank. The bank was acquired by Santander Group and rebranded as Santander in 2013.

The Alliance & Leicester had an employee onboarding and orientation process that were both inconsistent. New employees hired at the various branch locations were learning different content about the organization which resulted in different knowledge levels when they started working for the bank. The culture of the organization was also not being shared with new employees, and this was a missed opportunity to reinforce and develop a strong cultural identity in the workforce. This had a direct impact on customers.

David Couper collaborated with the leaders of Alliance & Leicester to assess the gaps in the current onboarding program and to define the specific needs based on the corporate culture and the employee demographic. It was determined that a large number of the entry workforce was in their 20’s and 30’s so the program needed to be fun and engaging as well as be educational and informative about the company's mission, vision and values.

Design a Program That will Engage Your Audience to Learn

To make the onboarding program fun and educational, a program was designed that was current, relevant, and included a story line based on a popular UK TV soap opera. The characters and situations were interesting to the audience, relatable to their work and reinforced the culture of the organization. The storyline included customer profiles to help the new employees to learn more about the customers they were serving and their specific needs. An additional online component was also included which explained the various departments and their work.

Onboarding Programs are Your Employees' First Taste of your Brand and Culture

The program was well received by the pilot group and the subject matter experts who saw that this was the first time that the key content and cultural messages effectively had been gathered in one place.

Orientation and onboarding programs are one of the early places to start building and reinforcing culture. A one-shop-fits-all approach does not work. You need to be able to tailor the content to the specific needs of the employees while making sure the messages, which apply to everyone, are clearly presented.