Authentic Leadership | David Couper Consulting

Authentic Leadership (one day workshop)
Using Your Strengths for Mastery and Excellence

This highly experiential one day workshop covers the following:

What is Authentic Leadership?

  • What are our experiences with Authenticity? Our Concerns? Our Challenges? The opportunities?
  • Personal Leadership survey
  • Personal Authenticity analysis

Who are you being when you show up as a leader?

  • Consciously and intentionally cultivating Authentic Leadership, based on your strengths
  • Practices to live and lead from your truest, strongest leadership

The content of this course gives women leaders an opportunity to:

  • Gain greater mastery in handling the most difficult professional conversations and situations;
  • Strengthen their ability to tolerate other people's discomfort and challenges (colleagues, bosses, customers, clients) without collapsing into people-pleasing, fixing, and Self-abandonment;
  • Grow in their ability to speak on their own behalf and facilitate others with greater grace and confidence.
  • Cultivate three of the most critical qualities in leadership: neutrality, discernment, and curiosity.

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