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3 Tips to Finding an Executive Coach

Posted by David Couper on October 23, 2019 11:36 AM
3 Tips to Finding an Executive Coach

Are you stuck? Feel like your team is not engaged? Missed that promotion, and you don’t understand why? So now you want to hire an executive coach. Everyone’s doing it, even your brother-in-law, who never does anything apart from watching Netflix. It’s a great way to grow your career, but how do you start? Here's 3 tips to successfully hiring an executive coach.

1. Ask for referrals from people you trust.

But be clear on what you want in a coach before you ask and what they can offer you. I’ve had coaches who helped me with grieving, managing my team, dating (OK, not really, but you get the point.) Each coach was different with different backgrounds, experience, and qualifications.  

2. Review the coach’s websites or resumes. See how he or she would work with your needs in your career or at work.

If you want help with getting a new executive-level job and the coach has no experience in working with executives, they may not be the right person for you. If the coach is teaching you about abundance and they are driving Uber on the weekends, they may not be for you (or they may be perfect!)

3. Interview as many coaches as you need to find the right one.

Talk to at least three people in your search. Ask the tough questions. “Sometimes I think I procrastinate. How would you work with me on that?” In the interview, a good coach will start coaching you so you can experience the process. 

AND remember, coaching is like dating. You may be attracted to someone online, but after a couple of meetings, you realize that they’re a cat person, and you’re a dog person. Sometimes you’re not on the same page, and that’s OK. That can happen with a coach too. Just be clear you are not bailing on them because you don’t like being uncomfortable. 

My company worked with a senior leader who, after three or four sessions (usually three), would suddenly get “busy” and cancel. Then, that leader would switch to another coach. After three attempts, including coaching with me, we realized that the leader didn’t like getting uncomfortable because – well because it made them uncomfortable. 

I had a great business coach who made me uncomfortable about the way I was running my business. I would sometimes joke that I was paying him to be mean to me. But at that time, I needed that, and he got me back on track and helped propel me forward after being stuck and going in the wrong (and expensive) direction.

Read more here about how to why invest in a coach here. 

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I’m also happy to talk about the process and your needs. My company and I have coached hundreds of successful people from C-level to front line who wanted more and were willing to invest in themselves and be uncomfortable! Growth only happens when you change your mindset. A good coach can guide you through a transformation.

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