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7 Reasons to Embrace Technology in Your Job

Posted by Jon Hauer on May 08, 2019 8:50 AM
7 Reasons to Embrace Technology in Your Job

A revenue-forecasting application has changed the game for the hospitality industry. This app populates information using multiple algorithms from trends, research, online booking sites, demand, time of year, and travel tendencies, all to predict the market demand an individual hotel has on a daily basis.  This forecasting program automatically sets the best profitable rate to sell to travelers and guests based on the market’s competition.

Hilton Worldwide has developed a cost management and performance measurement program called LightStay which tracks energy usage while predicting further energy consumption based on historical data and the exact time of year.  This program also tracks employee social engagement projects like volunteer work in the community or any monetary and food donations made to local organizations. LightStay has propelled Hilton to be a global leader in charting their energy efficiency and social impact.

Virtual reality has gone beyond the gaming world and airline industry and is now used in the NFL (National Football League) as a tool to increase the reactionary time for quarterbacks and defensive players by simulating different player formations on the field.  This was thought to increase the quarterback’s on-field I.Q. while decreasing decision-making time to produce faster plays and supporting recognition of complicated and deceiving formations by the opposing foe.

These examples underline how technology has changed every industry and line of business across the world.  You should embrace technology with every change you get in your job. If you choose to fight it, you run the risk of becoming irrelevant.



Operating your company on a daily basis gives you many opportunities to utilize technology to your benefit.  Embracing new technology can help your company operate at its maximum capacity in many different ways.

  1. Competition:

    While Tesla has tried to convince us it has the smartest car on the market, Hilton Hotels is also embracing technology and gaining an edge by creating a Digital Key application that allows you to enter your room with your smartphone.  Companies are spending massive amounts of revenue on new tech to one-up their competitors.

    The robots have not yet taken over, but you should educate yourself as much as possible in your own industry to keep up to speed within the changing market.

  1. Organization:

    Imagine a doctor from 1850 compared to a practitioner of today when it comes to file keeping.  Tracking valuable data demands for intricate file systems to not only de-clutter office space but use for future investigations. Organized file sharing and digital record keeping cut down square footage needed to hold so much paper.  Digital organization also allows for maximum efficiency and quicker history searches.

    Shredding companies may actually dissolve once everything is paperless.  The 7-year dump could actually be just a red button reading, “empty recycle bin forever.”

  1. Expansion:

    Operationally, technology in all aspects allows for fast communication around the globe.  Webex meetings and Conference Video calls over laptops and computers allow less travel time for meetings.  Internal networks allow mobile communication between employees plus customers and clients. Technology has allowed the development of project management software, which can help you plan projects, change projects and imagine new projects in the foreseen future.  Technology ultimately extends your organization’s reach beyond its initial beginning and local neighborhood.



From an employee’s perspective, embracing technology will enable them to work faster, more easily and inspire an inventive culture.  Allowing your employees to embrace new technology can enhance their imagination, and there is always the chance for groundbreaking technology to be further developed.

  1. Longevity

    Embracing technology should not be frightening. Even old dogs need to learn new tricks. You are an investment to a team and company. Most technology introduced to businesses have extensive training.  Embrace and learn these new systems to increase your value within your company. Some businesses do have generation gaps, which can affect cohesion and collaborative efforts, but technology will help you develop your skill set.  Some people may try to fight it all the way to retirement, but you will have to educate yourself in order to stay afloat as long as you need to pay bills, Monday - Friday.

  1. Connectivity/Collaboration

    Communication systems within global networks have created intersystem communication in the healthcare industry, streamlining all communication options.  Doctors can easily review cases with other doctors without having to take a plane (and a layover) to the other side of the country. Project analysis and architectural software have allowed the aero industry and construction companies to complete a job from different places at the same time. Surgeries can evaluate the body with intricate computer programs as if they were perfect blueprints! Even the music industry can record vocal tracks in Los Angeles and record the actual music in New York.  How can you not want to embrace technology?

  1. Inventive

    The most inspiring thing about embracing technology is what YOU can do with it.  You can easily learn Microsoft Excel or figure out how to send meetings through Outlook.  Think bigger - many imaginations function differently, but the more you know, the more you are able to conceptualize and invent.  With the way technology is allowing the work sector to operate on a daily basis, tomorrow will be even smarter. Technology awakens the imagination, and systems will continue to produce more apps, software, and programs that will allow us to continually perform healthcare more efficiently and conduct business more easily.



Don’t get scared.  C3P0 from Star Wars isn’t going to take your job ... yet.  Embracing technology in your job should be exciting. It creates competition, which studies say inspires people to perform at a higher level.  The possibilities of new inventions are forever an everyday occurrence, and your job may actually get easier, which will allow you to use your brain power on mastering other projects that must be completed in your industry.  Nothing is going away, just changing.

  1. Inevitable

    Embracing technology does not mean you have to be Iron Man to understand complicated physics or relative spam theory.   There’s no such thing as spam theory unless someone starts performing tests to see if we can use it for rocket fuel. But until we all start going to work in our Spam Rockets, we must remember that technology is a forever construction project continuing to build upon itself more and more.  We cannot stop technology, but we can embrace it and learn about it. Technology will keep us alive longer than we could have ever dreamed, so there is more time, and that will be the best gift of all.

Jon Hauer is a freelance writer and digital designer originally from Minnesota now based in Del Rey, CA. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies from the University of St. Thomas and graduated from Pepperdine University in 2015 with a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Writing. He has worked in the tourism/hospitality industry for years and writes professionally on a number of topics including travel, business, marketing, tourism, home services, art, sports, entertainment, news, etc.


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