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Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Make a Real Connection

Posted by David A. Couper, MA on May 29, 2014 1:00 PM


What would our relationships look like if we looked up from the screen?

This article made me think:


I was on the computer doing some work while checking messages on my smartphone.  Two screens competing for attention and the TV on in the background.  My son was talking to me and to be honest I was only half - no a quarter listening.  Then something made me look up.  He looked sad.  There was something going on.  I shut my computer - it was hard - but I went cold turkey, put my phone out of reach and turned off the TV.  

"Dad, do you have a photo of my mom?"

My son is adopted and although we know his birth mom's name - Christine - and some of her background, we have never met her and don' t know where she lives.  My son knows that. 

"No we don't.  Were you thinking about her?"

"Yes. I wish I could see her."

"Me too.  Sorry."

"Dad why did you turn the TV off?"

And we were back to our screen worlds.

How many times do we miss that opportunity to connect at home and at work on personal development or organizational management?  How much effort does it take to close our laptops and listen as a manager or a leader should?  And what leadership gems will we discover?

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