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You Are Never Just Your Job Title

Posted by David Couper on September 22, 2015 9:30 AM

Healthcare is a system in which many diverse human beings work together to care for many other diverse human beings. Fill a hospital with just doctors or just nurses or just lab technicians, and the system won’t function at all.

The roles are different, but none is consistently more valuable than another. To some patients, I imagine that the nurse’s presence and contribution is more meaningful than the doctor’s. But in other cases, a doctor - or a team of doctors and nurses - literally saves that patient’s life.

The janitor is valuable. So is the hospital’s CEO.

Your ability to contribute something of value is dependent on one thing: your determination to contribute something of value. To do this, you have to be unbound by any preconception about your title or limitations. Respect the system, yes, but above all else, believe in yourself.

By the way, I think Kelley did a great job and managed to spark a worthwhile discussion about our healthcare system and the value of human compassion.

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