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Caring for Ourselves - So We can Care for Others

"We take the very best care of others when we take good care of ourselves."
-Dr. Carla Rotering, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Course One: Caring for Ourselves so We Can Care for Others

Due to the demands of their profession, healthcare professionals are often stretched to the point that they feel they have nothing to give back to themselves. Subject to an unrelenting and stressful work environment, healthcare professionals are exceedingly and emotionally fatigued and frustrated. It can also be difficult for physicians and clinicians to accept help. They are trained to make life and death decisions in a single moment, to be the expert and authority, and to be responsible for a patient’s health outcomes. Despite having the pressure and dealing with these demands, their support system is lacking and, unfortunately, asking for help can be seen as a sign of not knowing, or worse, incompetence.  

It’s never been more vital for a paradigm shift to occur. For healthcare professionals to be successful and be happy personally and professionally, culture change is paramount.  Healthcare professionals need to be encouraged to prioritize their personal well-being. In doing so, they will be able to provide a better patient experience while also taking better care of themselves. This course focuses on the essential skills and practices needed to honor what it truly means to care for ourselves so we can care for others, all while being prepared, resilient, and flexible to serve effectively in the highly charged and ever-changing world of medicine.


The purpose of this course is to serve and support healthcare professionals by offering new tools for self-care. The notion of caring for ourselves can be something we rarely consider as essential. However, when we take time to care for our bodies and minds, we have more energy, our sense of vitality improves, and we can better focus on taking care of the needs of our patients. This course is a process of restoring our sense of well-being, integrating a new technology of self-awareness, bringing our attention and care back to ourselves – and that, in turn, will transform the experience both we and our patients have. The life that we want begins by deepening our understanding of the life that we have – both in the ways that it may deplete us and in the ways that it nourishes us.


Listening with Nothing on Our Minds – Develop the techniques required to fully leverage our abilities to help others.

Examining the Stories We Tell Ourselves – Learn how what we perceive as a reoccurring challenge can often be the one lingering obstacle we ourselves have created.

Letting Go of Judging Ourselves – Become aware of the ways in which our self-criticisms impede our abilities and how letting go of them is essential to our effectiveness.

Having Compassion for Ourselves – Experience how it feels to allow ourselves empathy and human kindness and how it can create an opportunity to experience greater emotional equanimity and peace in our lives.

Showing Up Fully – Cultivate a respect for self through consciously choosing and honoring commitments.

Expressing Gratitude – Reconnect with the abundance of life and how that manifests in our day-to-day experience.


DCC’s Healthcare Now™ Program will improve patient satisfaction, reduce physician turnover and increase revenue and productivity.

At DCC, our team of physician coaches has developed a high-impact, engaging, and experiential one-day workshop.

In this program, participants will learn to:

  • Take responsibility for their patients in a healthy and self-supporting way.
  • Define what they can control and what they cannot in a clinical environment.
  • React to issues in a way that leads to effective solutions.
  • Reduce stress from overwhelm and burnout.
  • Assess current levels of self-care and develop a plan for improvement.

With this program, your organization will experience:

  • Improvements in patient satisfaction.
  • Reduction in physician turnover.
  • Reduction in negligence and compliance issues.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Increase in revenue.

Why DCC?

We are committed to helping our clients create lasting change and lasting results. This means that while we have an arsenal of research, data and assessments, we know that true change does not happen with just receiving new knowledge. We guide clinicians and healthcare professionals through experiential processes so that each participant leaves feeling empowered and confident with tools they can use right now.


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