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Conflict Resolution
For Transformational Leaders

The Issue

Conflict is a normal aspect of human relations, and learning to handle it in a direct, neutral way is crucial for leaders. Handling conflict masterfully can lead to rich discussions about important issues and invites growth and opportunity. Unfortunately, many organizations engage in a “fight or flight” approach to conflict, which reduces conflict to either “ego turf wars” or avoidance approaches, neither of which are truly functional.

Our Approach

Our Transformational Leadership approach to conflict utilizes leading-edge principles of Emotional Intelligence in dealing with conflict. The negative emotions that fuel conflicts are dismantled from within, and what remains is growth, greater trust, and healthy discussions, promoting creative, win-win solutions.

In this workshop, participants are given a process, tools and techniques to:

  • Understand the hidden reasons for conflict.
  • Utilize the core principles of Emotional Intelligence to resolve conflict before it starts.
  • Transform conflict into a healthy exchange of ideas. 


We have a unique and proven program that has enabled leadership teams across the globe to transform a fragmented environment into one where each player is contributing, thriving and growing themselves, their teams and their organizations.

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