Effective Patient Care - Communication from the Heart, Actions from the Mind

The Issue

It’s all about the patient. Without patients, there would be no healthcare industry. And yet, patient communication is one of the most challenging areas for many clinicians. It is also a perfect storm. For the first time in recent history, healthcare insurers not only reward clinicians for healthcare outcomes but also for patient satisfaction. Study after study has shown the direct relationship between clinician communication and patient satisfaction. It isn’t enough for doctors to cure, they must also be seen as the ones who care.

Our Approach

At DCC, our team of healthcare-focused coaches has developed a high-impact, engaging, and experiential one-day workshop that addresses how effective patient communication can benefit any healthcare organization.  

In this workshop, clinicians are given a process, tools and techniques to:

  • Communicate effectively with patients.
  • Improve patient satisfaction through increased empathy and compassion.
  • Reduce patient upset leading to lower satisfaction scores.
  • Manage the potential for patient dissatisfaction leading to legal action.
  • Create better clinical outcomes through enhanced communication.

They will learn how to:

  • Use ways to check understanding of patient needs.
  • Work with silence as a way of opening conversation.
  • Listen from the heart and act from the mind.
  • Create a partnership with patients.
  • Learn the difference between empathy and sympathy.


Positive patient communication is critical to the success of any healthcare organization. Our team is uniquely qualified in the healthcare industry and has supported many clients in achieving positive outcomes, both internally and externally.

We are committed to helping our clients create lasting change and lasting results. This means that while we have an arsenal of research, data and assessments, we know that true change does not happen with just receiving new knowledge. We guide clinicians and healthcare professionals through experiential processes so that each participant leaves empowered with tools they can use right now.

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