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Foundations of Transformational Leadership
Introducing and Developing Transformational Leadership Skills

The Issue

Leadership teams are often thrown together from different hires throughout an organization, leading to groups of strangers sitting around a table, unsure how to come together and effectively work toward company goals. We know that successful teams begin with successful people who are individually supported to collectively contribute to the overall company vision. Our leadership development program is an intentional, deliberate investment in bringing forward each leader’s strengths, solidify team and company alignment, and create extraordinary teams.

Our Approach

Experiential, cognitive learning focused on creating or enhancing core leadership fundamentals. In this powerful, hands-on, one-day workshop, participants will receive the tools and skills to:

  • Understand the key principles and benefits of transformational leadership.
  • Recognize and develop their own transformational leadership style.
  • Understand and apply leading-edge scientific principles that underlie transformational leadership.
  • Act as a powerful role model for teams and peers.
  • Inspire people to work together in synergistic teams.
  • Be a learning leader—a leader who sees educating and coaching as a key role.


We recognize that leaders in all industries are stretched thin and asked to do more with less. Our program has been created to develop and support leaders at all levels of an organization, from technicians and day-to-day managers to C-level executives, in order to take their personal strengths and leadership skills to the next level. Skills learned in this workshop support participants to intentionally define and develop each leader’s unique leadership style which will then positively impact and transform the culture of the company.

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