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Kaiser Vision Essentials Team Building Case Study

Connecting the Dots to Solve Workplace Challenges


Kaiser Vision Essentials, a long-term player in the healthcare arena, provides eye care and eyewear in over 40 locations, throughout Southern California. The Kaiser Employees are knowledgeable, professional, and intuitive of customers’ needs. However, there was something missing that management hadn’t seen in a while: engagement. David Couper Consulting found that disengagement formed gaps in leadership between union and management; cultured retribution rather than reward; and Vision Essentials lacked a clear, positive strategy—especially when it came to the changes in regulations and policies.

DCC’s team of experienced executive coaches focused on Kaiser’s goals and needs, personally working one-on-one with staff and executives. Once DCC connected the dots, the problems were clear: the employees needed powerful communication tools, an increase in positive engagement, and stress management skills.

After several months of working with the executive team and the seven labor unions, DCC invested in their staff members’ potential and created a strategy with authentic, long-lasting results. Each of the 88 leaders completed three strengths assessments:  Strengthsfinder, DiSC, and 360’s. DCC then thoughtfully matched each leader with an executive coach.

In Phase One, the coach and leader met for an hour every other week for six confidential sessions. Coaches reported on general themes in the sessions which allowed DCC to target specific skills for a leadership development curriculum in future phases.

The program was so successful that Management extended the coaching for another six sessions. During this phase, each client had a Leadership Development Plan with specific skill areas they chose to work on. 

Key Results in 6 Months

• Increase in profit in retail areas
• Decrease in product breakage in optical lab
• Increase in emotional intelligence in leadership at all employment levels 

Over 80% agree that their participation in the coaching program is helping to create an environment of greater respect and trust at Vision Essentials. Overall, they rated the value received from the coaching program as a 9, and the impact of coaching on strengthening their leadership as 8 (on a scale of 1 to 10). 

As a result, DCC has embarked with Kaiser Vision Essentials on a pilot project providing one-on-one coaching to 150 union members, many of whom have never experienced any kind of counseling, coaching, or emotional support in their lives.

After the powerful success of the team leadership development training, Kaiser requested that coaching be provided to all 800 of its membership.

Leadership training and team building are so much more than hearing about an organization’s problems. It’s about providing heart-centered communication, uplifting core strengths, and fostering positivity and engagement. It’s about seeing the bigger picture, that people are the real bottom line. 

“I am excited about my new skill of listening to my team more. I am able to recognize differences in our work styles and leadership styles and I am willing to match others where they are, whether they are my boss or my reports. Previously, I tended to only see my way. Now I trust my staff to contribute to solutions and I encourage their creative participation, because I see value in their unique suggestions that I wouldn’t have come up with myself.”

– Coaching program participant, Kaiser Permanente 

“The coaching program has exceeded all my expectations! It has made a tremendous difference every day that I’m at work. I have learned new skills to better communicate with my patients and my co-workers and have really experienced more joy and peace during the work day. This has also extended into a much more peaceful and less chaotic family life too. All the stress that I use to experience and then carry back home with me, now I know how to better manage those situations and not let them affect the rest of my day.”

– Coaching program participant, Kaiser Permanente