Meditation: Caring for Others; Caring for Yourself- For Healthcare and Healing Professionals | David Couper Consulting

Meditation: Caring for Others; Caring for Yourself
For Healthcare and Healing Professionals

"Caring for Others; Caring for Yourself" is our signature 21 day meditation program in collaboration with Mentors Channel. We invite you to download the full program and additional resources here

The Issue

We are seeing a rapid increase in the healing professions, showing that our culture needs and is seeking many forms of healing. Whether you are a practitioner in physical, mental, spiritual or emotional healing, you are, indeed, exerting enormous amounts of energy in the care of your clients and patients. In order to serve powerfully, we must ensure we are being served first.

Our Approach

This program gives professionals working in healthcare and healing professions an opportunity to reduce stress through a systematic meditation training program and essentially get back to a practice of “filling up their cup first, before serving others.”

The program comprises:

  • Daily Guided Audio Meditation
  • Journal Tool 
  • Reflection Activities
  • Long format Meditations


Designed and developed by health and healing professionals, this unique, customized program has been created to support you in re-focusing and re-energizing so you can share your gifts with your clients. This program is available for individuals and organizations.

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Being a Transformational Coach and Healer, I began this 21 Day Meditation journey for the consistent structure and space to center myself and recharge. As my business grows, I find myself with less time to focus on self-care and more reasons to justify why there is not enough time. When I saw that the daily commitment for this program is only ten minutes or so, it felt like the perfect way for me to get back on track. By the end of the Day 1 meditation audio, I felt deeply relaxed. Although I expected this result, what I didn't expect was this sense of clarity that washed over me, as well as an even deeper connection with my love for the work I do in the world. Tears of joy even ran down my cheeks as this occurred. I could not believe how much power was packed into this seemingly-simple meditation program. 

As each day of the meditation program progressed, it not only became my safe haven to pause, breathe and re-energize, it took me on a journey I never expected. After having done countless courses, meditation programs, and self-care practices, and even teaching them, I can confidently say that there is nothing like the 21-Day Meditation Program for Healthcare Professionals. It not only invigorates and empowers who you are today, it also brings a refreshing, cleansing perspective to the past, making it easier to breathe, let go of limits, and relate to the work you do and the way you live in a whole, new way.

Thank you David Couper Consulting and Mentors Channel for creating this powerful meditation program. Not only am I back on track, I am inspired and overflowing with purpose and a deep sense of peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you!--Veronica Krestow, author of "The Diamond Process"