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Respectful Communication
Building Communication Skills; Creating a Culture of Respect

The Issue

Effective communication is one of the core fundamentals of a productive team and a successful organization, but with deadlines, metrics, and revenue to be maintained, it is easy to slip into patterns that contradict productivity, engagement and ultimately ROI. Effective communication extends far beyond professional courtesy and a respect for procedure and process. Learning engaged and highly honed communication skills harnesses the power of respect, care, and, yes, love for the work and people for which we are engaged and transforms a stagnant culture into a thriving one.

Our Approach

At DCC, we have developed a rigorous and thoughtfully constructed program where leaders learn communication strategies based on mutual respect, supporting the creation of truly successful work environments. This engaging, experiential one-day workshop offers each participant multiple opportunities to practice these new skills. In this program, participants will be trained in communication tools that help diffuse conflict and provide a high level of connection.


Our unique approach and proprietary program is based on years of practice, data, and wisdom from experiencing firsthand how effective communication transforms organizations.

In this workshop, participants are given a process, tools and techniques to:

  • Create a supportive environment for effective communication.
  • Create a culture that minimizes misunderstandings and the expensive errors that result from them.
  • Promote a culture of mutual respect and authentic communication.
  • Understand cultural influences in communication.
  • Develop respectful interactions with team members and clients.
  • Build a workplace where everyone is valued.
  • Cultivate a culture that harnesses group wisdom. 

“Some of the toughest individuals in the workplace have started to speak to each other and to me.” – Kaiser Vision Essentials participant

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