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Andrée LeRoy -MD,MA

career background

EXECUTIVE COACH: Dr. LeRoy is both a Harvard trained medical doctor and a “medical intuitive”. She comes from a long lineage of western trained physicians and holistic healers, fostering a deep appreciation for the strengths of both eastern and western approaches to total wellness. Dr. LeRoy always knew she wanted to be a medical doctor, yet also felt drawn to a holistic approach. So she has consistently honored both callings. She began her coaching career after witnessing the limitations of the traditional medical system for decades and wishing it could be fixed - I thought to myself, if not me, who will change this? This was the moment that blueprint was born. Dr. Leroy has additional training in Functional Medicine, Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine, allowing her to tailor treatment in a way few medical doctors can. She practices by the ancient tenets of holistic, integrated, and soul-centered care. She takes great pride in using her unusual blend of expertise to tip the scales in favor of healthier, happier lives. On a more personal level, Dr. LeRoy lives in Santa Monica with her family and loves traveling, salsa dancing, and cooking in her spare time.


California Medical License exp September 2019 Massachusetts Medical License exp September 2020 Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation expires 11/2021 AFMCP Coursework Completion 2011 - Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

industry background & education

Functional Medicine, Wellness, Lifestyle Medicine, Musculoskeletal Medicine, International Rehabilitation, Disaster Rehabilitation, Disability Advocacy, Preventive Medicine, Quantum Medicine, Energy Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy.

noted accomplishments

  • 1999 BS Molecular & Integrative Physiology, University of Illinois at Urbana in Molecular and Integrative Physiology, with a thesis in Medicinal Plants and Herbology 2001 Licensed in Massage Therapy 2006 Graduated Medical School at University of Illinois at Chicago 2010 Harvard Medical School Residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2010-2013 Director of Academic Outreach Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School 2011 Awarded Durant Fellowship in Global Health and Refugee Medicine from Massachusetts General Hospital 2010-2018 Faculty at Harvard Medical School 2010-2018 Staff at Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation 2016 Earned MA in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing 2011 Completed Coach Training with Wellcoaches
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