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Candy Spitzer, DSS, MA

career background

Candy Spitzer brings over 30 years of experience in business, leadership, large-scale high visibility project management, government agencies, real estate and accounting. As the founder of Spitzer & Associates, Candy is known for her candor, humor, and her unique ability to bring forward cooperation and real solutions in the most challenging and complex situations and projects. Candy has coached individuals in all levels of organizations from line to CEO on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to, staffing, preventive and corrective actions, budgeting, cross-functional team leadership and development, and on-time and on-budget project delivery. She is gifted at taking both individuals and organizations from pain to solution, providing counseling and mediation as necessary. As a trusted advisor to high-level leadership teams in both the public and private sector, Candy provides strategic planning, negotiation and continuous improvement services.


Executive and Management Coaching, Leadership Development, Fiscal Management for large infrastructure projects, Project Development and Management, Quality Assurance, Personal and Organizational Transformation, Due Diligence Studies, Federal Regulations and the Uniform Act Compliance Expert, Team Effectiveness, Conflict Resolution. Candy is a Certified Mediator in both two-party and multi-party dispute resolution; has Certificate in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica; and is a Commercial Real Estate Broker. She is actively involved in the National Arena of Transportation Policy, a Member of International Right of Way Association and currently serves on an International Relocation Assistance Committee.

industry background & education

Founded and operated an accounting firm for 14 years; land developer, and program oversight manager for Federal Transit Administration. Nationally recognized expert in project management oversight for governmental and quasi-governmental projects. Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin; MBA Curriculum Graduate School of Business, University of Texas at Austin; Masters of Arts in Applied Psychology, University of Santa Monica, California; Doctoral Degree in Theology from Peace Theological Seminary, Los Angeles, CA.

noted accomplishments

  • One of only three people in the US selected by the government to assess large-scale initiatives, analyze costs and technical capabilities and develop and improve cross-functional team effectiveness, and evaluate funding availability.
  • Facilitator of large group personal transformation workshops with diverse individuals providing both leadership and support for attendees.
  • Candy is a sought after and engaging speaker at national conferences.