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Clara Naum, MA

career background

EXECUTIVE COACH -- Clara Naum brings over 20 years of experience working with corporations and individuals, as well as being an executive coach and consultant, offering a unique balance of business and people skills. Formerly a Certified Public Accountant and a college professor in various disciplines for more than 16 years, Clara now maintains a private practice in Newport Beach, California, as a Transformational Consultant and Certified Professional Life Coach. She has extensive experience leading groups in many forums as a teacher, corporate human resources trainer and coach, and workshop facilitator. She has successfully coached all levels of employees from the manufacturing line through to the CEO’s office, in both English and Spanish.

She has developed her own unique and innovative style to help clients learn the power of personal responsibility, acceptance, and positive attitude. Clara combines her years of experience in business with a positive and transformational approach to coaching. She integrates spiritual psychology, alternative healing therapies, and powerful coaching tools to assist her clients to achieve greater balance, clarity, and positive energy in their personal and professional lives.
She currently provides executive coaching to corporate and non-profit leaders based on a transformational approach to leadership.

Her client list includes Kaiser Permanente Vision Essentials, Peace Health, Universidad de Cordoba, among others.

Bilingual in English and Spanish, she grew up in Cordoba, Argentina. She hosts an interactive radio and internet show there, “How to Live a Better Life,” with thousands of listeners in Latin America and the U.S. Clara also conducts workshops on personal growth in the United States, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain.

She is an active volunteer in a service project called Freedom to Choose. This project has received a Service to Humanity Award and Local Hero award and assists people in prison find purpose and meaning in life.


Fully bilingual and bi-cultural in English and Spanish. Leadership and Communication Skills, Cross-cultural integration, performance, and communication. Work-Life Balance, Relationships and Executive Coaching. Expertise in facilitating inner and outer leadership growth at all levels in multiple industries, including concept car manufacturing companies, advertising agencies, law firms, education, real estate, health care, and assisted living companies. Expertise in “bridging” differences in companies where bilingual and bi-culture populations are predominant. Overcoming Challenges and Creating Breakthroughs. Leading Organization Change. Emotional Intelligence. Certified Personal, and Professional Life Coach. QS, ISO International Quality Auditor. Alternative Healing Therapies Certifications. Authentic Success and Coaching for Happiness Certifications.

industry background & education

Expertise in Cross-Cultural Communication and Professional Services. Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting, Economic and Finances. Certified Public Accountant. Post graduate Diploma in Business, Sociology, and Economy, UNC, Argentina; Degrees in Marketing and International Business, University of California, Irvine. Masters of Arts in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica, Soul Centered Professional Coach Certification, University of Santa Monica. Coaching Happiness Certification, and Coaching and Enneagram with Robert Holden.

noted accomplishments

  • Successfully designed and implemented in record time in the US quality systems for three companies in Southern California. Developed and led strategies in several organizations -University of Cordoba, Manufacturing Companies, Law Firms, Private and Public entities- to achieve self empowerment, better communication, and consciousness integration. The programs assisted both executives and employees. Designed Curriculum for a graduate program to develop new ways of communication, leadership skills and conscious integration.
  • Led, coached and trained upper management, executives, and culturally-sensitive employees in new systems (in both English and Spanish) and achieving “impossible” ISO and QS certifications that were required by Chrysler Corporation and Disney. These companies prior to Clara’s intervention had failed to obtain those certifications four times, and the continuation with Chrysler depended on accomplishing those quality certifications in a short period of time.
  • Radio host of an interactive Radio Show in Argentina (live and on-line show), “How to Live a Better Life,” which helps thousands of listeners with their everyday issues and concerns. Appearances on more than 211 radio shows in Argentina.
  • Published author of two inspirational books.
  • Founder of “The Kindness Movement” online to inspire people around the world through kindness.
  • Panel Speaker on quality procedures at Quality Convention, Chrysler, GFMI, Fountain Valley, California. Panel speaker on "Cancer and Forgiveness" Cancer Expo Irvine, CA. Guest Speaker at Jesuit University -UCC- Argentina
  • Workshop Facilitator in USA, Argentina, and Mexico .