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Jeffrey Klubeck, MA

career background

EXECUTIVE COACH -- Jeffrey Klubeck has over 15 years of experience serving the Organizational Development needs of organizations of all sizes. In 2006, he founded Get A Klu, Inc., an active Personal/Professional Development Company currently serving 100’s of Entrepreneurs, Small and “Micro” Business Owners, and Adult Learners.

As a personal and business Coach, Jeffrey has mastered his ability to help professionals grow through any circumstances using transformative, strategic problem-solving techniques as well as honest and powerful accountability effectiveness. Jeffrey’s insights and motivation transform individuals and organizations through applications of leadership education and the lasting impact of the coach/client relationship.

Jeffrey also has nearly a decade of practical experience in strategic staffing as both an agency and human resources recruiter. Additionally, As an Adjunct Professor of Communication in the San Diego Community College District, Jeffrey has also taught Public Speaking, Argumentation, Critical Thinking and Group Interaction to adult learners for nearly 20 years.

Recently, Jeffrey has developed the “Get A Klu Coaching Methodology” and has begun training individual Coaches, Business Owners and Management-Level Professionals on the skills and techniques of Individual and Group Motivation, Behavioral Intervention, Accountability and Task Management/Personal Productivity!

Merging all of these experiences and skills together has allowed Jeffrey to work with dynamic organizations around the globe including: State Farm Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Brian Tracy International, JP Morgan/Chase, Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson Company), King Pharmaceuticals, Biogen/Idec, Altera Corporation, Tanner EDA, Aztec Shops, Ltd., Higgs Fletcher and Mack, LLP, Century 21, Radiant Technologies, and many more.


1:1 Coaching, Leadership Training, Strategic Staffing and Team Building, Business Development and Sales Training, Presentations Skills, Critical Thinking and Paradigm Shift Facilitation, Accountability Training, Motivation and Employee Engagement, Behavioral Assessment (DISC, Motivators/PIAV, 360 Feedback and others). Certifications: Numerous Professional and Life Coaching Trainings, Human Resources Management (USCD), DISC and PIAV (Motivators), Numerous Sales Trainings.

industry background & education

Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Medical Device (Life Sciences), Insurance and Financial Services, High Tech and Civil Engineering, Telecommunications, Real Estate and Home Finance, Law, Non-Profit, Direct Sales/Network Marketing. Bachelors Degree in Telecommunications Management, San Diego State University; Masters in Communication, San Diego State University

noted accomplishments

  • Trained 1000’s of Learners in Public Speaking, Interpersonal and Group Communication
  • Privately hired by 100’s of Entrepreneurs, Service Professionals and Business Owners
  • Developed the “Get A Klu” Coaching and Leadership Training Curriculum for online delivery
  • Privately Trained dozens of Coaches and Leaders in the “Get A Klu” Coaching Methodology