Marika van Adelsberg, MA, MFT | David Couper Consulting

Marika van Adelsberg, MA, MFT

career background

EXECUTIVE COACH -- Marika van Adelsberg brings to her coaching practice over 35 years of owning her own award-winning design business, servicing a broad range of clientele in entertainment, arts, non–profit and the medical and corporate worlds. Her goal in design and coaching is always to bring clarity and simplicity to complex issues.

Prior to her coaching career, she produced print, film and digital projects for (among many others) the 1984 Olympics, Centre Pompidou Foundation, Scan Healthcare, The Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, City of Santa Monica–Department of Cultural Affairs, UCLA Live!, World Festival Of Sacred Music, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Xerox Corporation, The Ford Amphitheater, University of California, University of Oregon, BET, MTV, ABC, Fox Broadcasting, E! Entertainment, Democracy Now, and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


Because of her life experience and studies in a wide range of therapeutic modalities, Marika incorporates a unique blend of behavioral insight, business experience, and best practices in adult learning to cultivate the skills and behavioral change that optimize human growth. The approach is Integrative. Focusing on the Body–Mind–Spirit relationship, it recognizes the importance of spirituality to human existence, acknowledges and utilizes the power of both mind and body, and reaches beyond self and symptoms to connect individuals to a larger sense of themselves and to their cohorts, companies, communities and families.Training Certificate, Integrative Body Psychotherapy Institute; Training Certificate in Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR); Training Certificate in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT).

industry background & education

Marika has worked directly with the decision makers within multiple levels of corporate structure, from single person non-profit start–ups to corporate heads of marketing, COOs, CEOs and even Robert Redford and the Dalai Lama. Developing a focused corporate or project identity always starts with a myriad of people and perspectives. Marika’s focus is always on the people first in order to forge, simplify and enhance channels of communication and to effect real change and solutions within the complexities of committee decision–making.

MA MFT, George Fox University; Master’s Degree in Psychology, University of Santa Monica; BFA, California Institute of the Arts.

noted accomplishments

  • Was selected by the executive director to design the identity and marketing materials for the 1999 World Festival of Sacred Music in Los Angeles. 9 days, 60 venues, 150 volunteers and over 3,000 artists from a variety of faiths, cultures and musical traditions were involved. Marika distilled all of the chaos of this inaugural event into a form of simplified communication for public consumption.
  • Was hired by the executive director of the Centre Pompidou Foundation to establish an identity and develop marketing materials to reflect the nonpareil contemporary art museum in Paris and to encourage American donor involvement. The foundation’s mission is to acquire and encourage gifts of works of American art and design for loan or gift to the Centre Pompidou for its permanent collection. To date, over $50 million has been raised and over 450 works have been acquired by the foundation.