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Maxine Shapiro

career background

EXECUTIVE COACH/TRAINER -- Maxine Shapiro is a vibrant coach, training professional and speaker whose quick wit and passion for excellence has created a national demand for her “Inside the Box” and “Collaborcate!™” keynotes and workshops. Mixing laughter with learning, she reveals the building blocks of improvisation and translates them to professionals in every industry who crave agility, boldness and more positive ways of communicating and relating to others.

Maxine is a 25-year veteran of the business world and financial industry. She spent fifteen years at the Chicago Board of Trade, building a strong foundation of business expertise. It was there that she began seeing a need to change the channels of communication in organizations. As an accomplished actor and comedian, Maxine performed regularly in Chicago's vibrant off-loop theatre scene and was a student of the Second City Improv Lab.

After moving to Dallas in 1995, she co-hosted a weekly financial radio show in the fourth largest media market in the country. Her highly personal approach, blending humor with down to earth analysis, brought her attention and praise from business analysts and listeners alike. She moved on to North Texas Public Radio station KERA 90.1 FM, continuing her savvy commentary on the daily "Marketplace Midday.” She was also a weekly guest on NPR’s "Marketplace," one of the most widely heard business broadcasts in the country. Her reporting and commenting on regional, national, and international business practices and trends led to her bedrock conviction: that to remain competitive and vibrant, American businesses and their leaders must be in strong collaboration with both their external AND internal customers.

Maxine motivates, inspires, entertains, and transforms individuals and groups through highly interactive, spontaneous, powerful exercises (yes, even in her coaching). Her unique Collaborcate!™ style experientially teaches to collaborate, communicate and create results far beyond what they ever hoped for. Experience what managers at FOX to the Federal Reserve Banks call “phenomenal!”


Maxine’s specialties include the application of improvisation in Leadership Development Programs and Coaching, Team facilitation, Customer Service/Customer Experience, Collaboration & Communication, Career Transitions, Employee Retention & Engagement, Change Management, and Sales Training. Achieve Global Certified.

industry background & education

Extensive Experience in the Finance, Entertainment, Education, Hospitality, Medical, Career Transition industries. She studied Social Science Comprehensive at Northern Illinois University. Chicago’s Second City Improv Lab Chicago

noted accomplishments

  • Opening keynote for: 2015 Federal Reserve Banks’ Annual IT Conference, The California (job) Placement Assoc and numerous other Medical, Educational and Hospitality Associations
  • 15+ years on the Chicago Board of Trade Floor
  • Financial Commentator for NPR's "Marketplace"
  • Daily host "Marketplace Midday" KERA 90.1 Dallas, TX