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Peter Tatchell, MBA

career background

EXECUTIVE COACH and TRAINER -- Peter Tatchell’s practical business experience spans a number of different fields including retail, advertising, sales, and education. He is the Lead Business Trainer and Consultant at English Services and Consulting (ESC) in Taipei, Taiwan.

Essentially a "hired gun", Peter accepts contracts with global and multinational companies to train upper-management in international business skills, provide market insights, and marketing ideas. His experience, education, and knowledge as both a businessman and an educator provide clients a rare competitive advantage. Coupled with his knowledge of multicultural diversity and international experience, he has assisted many international managers in becoming confident English speakers, negotiators, presenters, and marketing professionals. This dramatically increases their abilities to deal with cross-cultural / multinational business skills and scenarios.

Peter recently taught bankers presentation and negotiation skills at the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, and he is a Visiting Lecturer at the China University of Technology. He is actively involved with a number of corporations gearing up for a renewed vision of their corporate goals and position in their respective markets and with their competitors.

Peter thrives on finding new and creative ways to help corporations grow and find their niche in ever-changing competitive markets.


Peter’s specialties include Strategic Partnerships, Sales, Advertising, Management, Marketing Strategy, Product Development, Social Media Marketing, Training, and Team Building. He is fluent in Japanese.

industry background & education

Peter received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Victoria and his Bachelor’s degree in Educational and Behavioral Psychology from the University of Victoria. He has worked for companies including Levi’s, Casio, NEC, Sumitomo, Nissan, and The Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.

noted accomplishments

  • Designed, built, and ran two educational institutes including a teaching-trainer.
  • Coached a real estate asset management group trends in international commercial real estate.
  • Developer of a custom presentation skills program for a global apparel corporation.
  • In consultation with C-level executives, created a sales / marketing program for a global airline.
  • Contracted by an outdoor equipment OEM to develop international presence and market share.