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Rohini Ross

career background

EXECUTIVE COACH -- Rohini Ross has over 11 years experience as a leadership consultant and coach. She supports leaders in achieving optimum performance by leveraging the human potential within their organizations. Her years as a therapist give her significant insight regarding the impact and importance of state of mind on the bottom line.

Rohini works with executives to assist them in finding greater levels of productivity and equanimity within their fast paced work environments and full personal lives. She has successfully coached management to C level executives in engineering, hospitality, and behavioral health companies. She supports leaders with developing a greater understanding of psychological functioning and teaching this understanding to their teams. This awareness reduces stress and pressure and helps leaders to bring out the best in their employees so they can achieve extraordinary results.


Impact of psychological functioning on the workplace and the bottom line, Stress reduction—harnessing resiliency, Peak Performance, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Development, Communication and interpersonal effectiveness, Graduate of Pransky and Associates Mentorship Program, Certified Transformational Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certificate in Consciousness, Health, and Healing

industry background & education

Former Executive Director of Operations for national behavioral health company, Vive Family Support Program. Coached in the industries of behavioral health, entertainment (talent and management), financial services, engineering and construction, hospitality, retail, and sports. Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Geography with Honors from Queens University, an MA degree in Cultural Geography from York University, and an MA degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

noted accomplishments

  • Supported the President and executive team of a West Coast Defense Contractor to reduce conflict between divisions and increase customer satisfaction through teaching them fundamental psychological principles that enhanced communication, decreased reactivity, and lowered stress.
  • During five years on the Executive Leadership Team of Vive Family Support Program, helped to take the company from a loss to a profit and increased the company’s bottom line 433% over five years by focusing on team building, clinician development and client satisfaction.
  • Co-Author Chaos to Connection: 9 Heart-Centered Essentials for Parenting Your Teen.
  • Developed and delivered Vive’s Parent and Mental Health Professional Trainings nationally.
  • MLS and NHL Diversion team member supporting athletes with regaining peak performance and overcoming underlying issues contributing to mental health, and drug and alcohol challenges.