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WIN Executive Coaching Program

Start your Leaders off on the right foot.

This confidential, results-oriented, strengths based program is designed to support new and emerging leaders to develop and enhance the self-awareness and coaching skills that make a good leader great. 

The WIN™ Executive Coaching program is tailored to each leader and his/her organization’s priorities and values. 

The Issue

We know that people are your bottom line. When an organization has a new hire or a leader struggling to adapt, engagement and productivity decrease which can have negative effects on a whole team. By supporting them in understanding and developing their strengths, these leaders step into their strengths and make lasting positive contributions to their team and the organization. 

Our Approach

DCC supports organizations in creating a culture of leadership through experiential learning. We support new and emerging leaders in deepening into their own strengths, building a strengths based culture where teams works in mutual respect and at the heights of their potential, allowing them to work more effectively and achieve organizational goals.


Our unique approach and custom tailored programs support leaders in stepping into their strengths and creating personal and professional breakthroughs. Rather than focusing on one-time metrics, we work with the leader to create deep awareness and understanding and explore root issues so that change and impact is lasting. We couple personal strengths with achieving company goals so that the individual is successful on a personal, team and organizational level.

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