The Year of the Rabbit is upon us; 2023 has come. Here’s hoping that you have been honest with yourself and have spent great minutes and effort in your reflections for a great set of New Year Resolutions for your career. If not, let us help out. Here are:


10 New Year Resolution Ideas for Your Career


1️⃣ Pursue that promotion. You’ve been wanting to get that promotion, but you can’t just sit around for it. Demonstrate your value to the company and show what you can contribute to a new role. Consider discussing your goals with your manager and determine what actions you can take to finally get that promotion you’ve always wanted and deserved.

2️⃣ Quit. If your current job is causing you stress, and you feel you’re going into full burnout, or you feel stuck in your current role with no clear path to improvement, it may be time to explore new opportunities. Take the time to think about what you want from a job and take steps to kickstart your job search.

3️⃣ Become organized. Avoid the stress of not knowing what you are supposed to be working on by getting organized in the new year. Consider tidying your desk, eliminating distractions, and using a diary or calendar to keep track of your tasks. You can use your smartphone or a cloud-based site for this, or go old-school and get a planner you can fit in your pocket.

4️⃣ Network, now! Networking can lead to exciting opportunities, so make an effort to be more active on social media and attend industry events in the new year. Don’t forget to reconnect with old contacts as well. Finally, finish up and update that Linkedin resume.

5️⃣ Learn a new skill. It is never too late to learn something new and expand your skill set. You can also find an old skill and update your knowledge of it. Identify an area you want to improve in and consider taking classes or teaching yourself through online tutorials.

6️⃣ Find further training. If you have always wanted to get a degree or train in a specific field, now is the time to do it. Look for low-cost, flexible training options that can be completed full-time or in your free time. Alternatively, you may be able to receive funding for further training from your employer if it can benefit both you and the company. Additionally, letting your leaders know that you are actively pursuing training that can benefit the company in the future will get you promoted faster.

7️⃣ Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t let fear hold you back from gaining valuable experience and improving your skills. Make the new year the time to embrace new challenges and say yes to opportunities that may seem intimidating. As the kids say– YOLO.

8️⃣ Set concrete goals and make clear plans. If you feel like you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to in the past year, avoid repeating the same mistakes by setting clear goals and creating a plan to achieve them. Consider breaking your goals down into smaller, more manageable tasks and rewarding yourself for your progress.

9️⃣ Respond to criticism proactively. It is natural to become defensive when faced with criticism of your work or methods, but this reaction often does not lead to any progress. Instead, try to listen to feedback, whether positive or negative and consider how you can incorporate it into your work.

🔟 Have a healthy work-life balance. Maintaining a balance between work and personal life has obvious benefits for your overall well-being, but it can also improve your job satisfaction and performance at work. Make sure to give yourself adequate downtime and fully commit to your job during working hours to succeed in your career while also taking care of your physical, mental, and social well-being.


There you go, 10 New Year Resolutions you should definitely think about as you go back to work this year. And like all the things that we hope for, it should always be coupled with hard work and dedication. DCC’s Talent Development program can help your employees every step of the way in their careers so that resolutions like these move from wishful thinking to reality. Our program helps your employees from the very start of their careers to their very exits with tools, techniques, and coaching that will maximize their potential. Let’s have a quick talk about the changes we can bring to your year. Please email us at