Our Approach

Our Approach is Unique

We provide training that provides solutions to business problems.

We increased overall results including customer satisfaction to their highest levels ever for the not-for-profit Kaiser Permanente, Southern California and increased employee engagement by 15% for an Insurance Health Plan.

We create results by working from the inside out. By that we mean that to achieve external results we must start with the inside emotions, thoughts and beliefs that drive human actions. This approach is based on scientific research including neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Our team consists of experts in this area who are skilled in achieving business results.

As an example, we all know how to lose weight – eat less and exercise more, yet the slimming industry is a billion-dollar moneymaker because we are often trying to solve the symptoms without knowing the cause.

In organizations the same thing applies. We know that only by understanding ourselves, taking
responsibility for our own thoughts and resulting actions, can we truly empower ourselves so that we transform an organization and its people. Only by transformation can we get different results from the ones we have been accustomed to.

Our team has deep skills in enabling individuals to manifest success through facing their challenges and overcoming past stories of doubt and fear by focusing on future intentions and possibilities. All our team have extensive business experience, in senior management roles, as entrepreneurs, or in key roles, in many industries. They can walk their talk as they too have overcome challenges to transform their careers and lives often in extraordinary ways. We manage them closely to ensure that there is a good fit, that they deliver results that impact the business, and that our clients are delighted with the engagement.

We truly partner with a client so that we communicate, collaborate, and commit to a joint vision and the implementation of a plan to change behaviors and improve performance.