Transformational Coaching

Experiential Skill Building Coaching to Level-Up Leaders & Teams

Change is hard, especially personal change. Transforming the skill sets of an individual or team can feel like an uphill battle. You hope your inherent talents are enough to get you where you want to go but know you must upgrade to get to the next level.

Do you ever feel like you and your teams keep bumping up against barriers? Make the same mistakes again and again? Struggle with goal achievement? Never develop new skills? Miss the mark motivating yourself and other people?

You are not alone!

A recent survey conducted by Harvard Business Review found that the reasons companies rely on coaches have changed over the years. Ten or twenty years ago, companies hired a coach to fix problems or toxic behavior at the top. However, according to the survey, the top 3 reasons coaches are hired are:

• 48% said that they are hired to develop the potential of executives or facilitate transitions
• 26% said they were called in to act as a sounding board.
• 12% said they were brought in to work with problem behavior.

Coaching can take many forms from team-based group coaching to high-level executive coaching. DCC built a suite of coaching options so you can customize to the needs of your organization.

One-on-One Coaching

Designed for employee development when you need to build skills to assist your people along their journey to greater responsibility.

Group Coaching

Experience the power of group dynamics to instill new behaviors plus the accountability it can bring to help teams grow upward, learn collaboration, innovate, and overcome obstacles

Executive Coaching

Assessments and 1:1 coaching to empower executives to lead their organizations with crystal clear focus, accountability, improved decision-making, and strategic planning. Delivered with honesty to increase self-awareness, discover blindspots, and improve leadership skills.

Healthcare Leaders Circles

An exclusive members-only group dedicated to leadership within Healthcare. Members have access to a network of people and resources plus monthly coaching sessions on current questions in the industry.

The Value of Coaching for Successful Organizations

DCC surveyed the organizations engaged in our coaching programs and the top areas that leaders cite as experiencing the most growth as a result of coaching are:

  • Communication Skills (52%)
  • Improving Relationship with Colleagues (36%)
  • Stress Management Skills (31%)

After DCC coaching participants felt they were better able to:

  • Communicate and collaborate better at work (39%)
  • Drive more strongly for results and support my team’s development (26%)
  • Champion change & be accountable (16%)

To find the right coaching model for your organization

We welcome your challenges, problems, irritations, worries, etc. because we know how to transform these issues into something better for your people and your company’s bottom line. Our mission is to serve organizations by connecting people to a bigger vision, unlocking individual potential, and converting it into realized talent.