Greetings, dear reader!

So, you’re here to wage war against the job market, huh? Armed with a crisp suit, a polished resume, and the desperate hope that your mom will finally stop asking when you’re going to get a “real job”. Well, buckle up, buddy. You’re in for a wild ride.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced graduate, a seasoned professional looking for a change, or someone who’s been out of the game so long that fax machines were still a thing the last time you worked, we’ve got you covered.

So, without further ado, here are 8 job search strategies that are more effective than a cat video on YouTube:

  1. Be Picky Remember the first rule of Fight Club? Yeah, forget that. The first rule of job hunting is to be choosy. Don’t settle for the first half-decent offer that comes your way. Hold out for something that makes your heart sing (or at least doesn’t make you want to cry into your morning coffee).
  2. LinkedIn is Your Friend Don’t just use LinkedIn to stalk your ex or browse memes. Use it to showcase your skills, network, and maybe even land an interview. Keep your profile updated and active. Remember, employers are watching.
  3. Referrals Rule It’s not what you know, but who you know. So, start asking your friends, family, and that guy from the gym who always talks about his successful startup for referrals. It’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but with jobs.
  4. Positive Vibes Only Job hunting can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But don’t lose hope. Keep a positive mindset and remember that the perfect job is out there, probably hiding between a couple of mediocre ones.
  5. Connect with Recruiters If you’re a mid to senior-level professional, get in touch with executive or agency recruiters, especially those who you have worked with before. No guarantees, but they may the inside scoop on job openings.
  6. Schmooze with Executives If you’re aiming for a management position, connect with top-level executives. It’s a bit like trying to get backstage at a concert, but instead of a selfie with a celebrity, you might just get a job offer.
  7. Customize Your Resume Your resume and cover letter are like your dating profile. They need to show off your best attributes and make employers swipe right. So, make sure they reflect where you want to be, not just where you’ve been.

8. Attend Virtual Events.  Even though we can meet in person now, be careful of spending time going to events which take time but don’t have a bunch of hiring managers looking for you.  Events where you network with other job hunters can be good for morale, but be short on job openings.  Virtual events mean less time wasted on travel and showng up.   

So, there you have it, folks. Eight job search strategies that really work. And remember, if you need more guidance, our team of experts are ready to help. Visit our website by CLICKING HERE to discover how David Couper Consulting can help you.