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People are the REAL Bottom Line

Proven tools that empower teams to transform hidden potential into realized talent.

Why Chose DCC?

We believe that to get better results we have to understand ourselves better first.  Understanding leads to more authentic leadership which leads to increased revenue, better productivity, higher quality, and people who are happier at work.  We can’t fix your organization but we can partner with you so you can.

Top Companies Choose DCC to Develop their Leadership Teams.

What We Do

Every organization has unique challenges and cultures. DCC understands those differences creating multiple paths to accomplish your goals. Rather than delivering tired development programs, we listen to your needs and build programs around you.

Understanding is at the heart of our philosophy which leads to more authentic leadership which leads to increased revenue, better productivity, dynamic cultures, and engaged people.

Resilience and Burnout

Practical training and tools to combat the rising costs of workplace stress. You can build resilient leaders and employees that will transform your culture.


Transformational Coaching

Programs for all levels of an organization tailored to your business goals. Individual coaching for front-line employees to yearlong in-depth programs for C-Level or Executives focused on resilience, communication, and growth.


Leadership Development

Transforming leaders to release the brakes on performance, embrace change, and develop cohesive teams to further the growth of any organization.


Culture Change

Building communication skills to short-circuit toxic culture and create an environment of  breakthroughs, passion, and innovation through programs customized for your unique goals.


Why We Do This

We’ve seen what is possible when change happens at the top. The DCC journey began when David Couper shifted his mindset and built new skills within his own organization. Sharing those tools is the passion of DCC as we lead you on the journey of transformation.

Our Results

Burnout is one of the top reasons people are leaving their jobs.  In Healthcare this is leading to retention and recruitment issues.  Our pilot with KP nursing got nothing but positive reviews, and our work with a regional healthcare organization helped them to get through the pandemic.

“I’m very grateful for the training and coaching we completed with David Couper Consulting. I know our teams would not have weathered Covid as well without the work we did to lay the groundwork for our leaders through the work with DCC. Thank you to David and his team for helping us with resources to weather the storm.”

John G. Hill, FACHE
President and CEO Bozeman Health

Transformational Coaching – Unlike most coaching firms we don’t only help people to understand what to do to be successful but we help them understand why they’re not doing those things.  Those limiting beliefs, judgments, and stories are often what stop leaders from growing.

I was recommended to undergo this professional training and honestly, I did not have high expectations.  However, to my surprise, after two sessions, I quickly learned that these sessions were remarkably helpful.  My coach helped me to realize each person has different strengths and together, we are stronger as a team. I truly enjoyed the training and this program has far exceeded all my expectations.


Ameneh Azad, MHA, CLS (ASCP)

Associate Administrator – Clinical Pathology
Keck Medicine of USC Clinical Laboratories


Leadership Development – We have delivered our unique custom leadership development program to Kaiser Permanente, PeaceHealth, Martin Luther King Community Hospital, and Bozeman  Health as well as non-health organizations like Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, LAX, and other for-profit and not-for-profits.  

One of Vision Essentials offices which had been at the bottom in Southern California ended up being at the top.  It also got a 100% incentive payoff based on its stellar results.  A manufacturing group passed all its goals both target and stretch based on the work we did with leaders from the director to the supervisors.


Culture Change – We help organizations change their culture to get better results.  We’ve helped Kaiser Permanente take one area from the worst in the region to the top.  We increased all metrics for a manufacturing group even those that they thought were impossible to change.  And we helped LAX build their leaders to take on more as we supported their first-ever mentoring program.

25% of those attending the mentoring program got promoted during a one-year period.   The rate of promotion for those not in the program was 9.92%.  That’s a 15% increase in the promotion rate for those attending the mentoring and development program.



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50% of Physicians are Suffering From Burnout

Replacing one primary care doctor can cost $1M. Get to the cause of burnout through
our unique approach based on current neuroscience.

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