Why Application Forms Are the Biggest Time Suck and How to Deal With It

Have you ever filled out an application form only to realize that it took up most of your day? It’s frustrating, right? It seems like every company these days requires an application form as part of their hiring process, and it’s not just job applications either. From rental agreements to credit card applications, completing application forms can take up a significant amount of time. If you’re tired of wasting your time on these forms, keep reading to learn why application forms are the biggest time suck and how to deal with it.


1️⃣ Lengthy and Repetitive Forms: One of the biggest reasons application forms take up so much time is that they tend to be lengthy and repetitive. Companies have increasingly started to ask for more information, and the forms can be overwhelming. Moreover, much of the information asked can be repetitive, and it’s frustrating to answer multiple questions that seem to lead nowhere. To deal with this, start by reading the form thoroughly to avoid repetition. If you have experience filling out a similar kind of form, take that into consideration, too.

2️⃣ Technical Issues: Many online application forms can be tricky to navigate, and technical issues can compound the frustration. Technical issues like timed pages, poor internet connections, and time-consuming troubleshooting can cause a lot of stress and make the process even more time-consuming. You can avoid this by having a stable internet connection and a reliable device to fill in your application form.

Inadequate Time to Complete Forms: Some application forms come with a time limit, which makes it even more stressful, especially when companies give less time than what is required to fill out the form. It’s tempting to rush through the form to beat the clock, but that can lead to errors. To solve this problem, plan ahead. Make sure you allocate enough time and avoid procrastination. If possible, start filling out the form as soon as you receive it.

Lack of Clarity About the Information Needed: Many forms come with vague instructions, and this can leave you guessing about what to include. This lack of clarity wastes your time and often leads to errors, which can be costly. To prevent this, read through the form multiple times and don’t be afraid to contact the company for clarification about the information they need. You can send an email, place a phone call or engage them on social media.

Redundant Information: There is no point in filling out information that the company already has. Many companies may already have your basic details, like your name or address. Yet, you’ll be asked to provide this information regularly. You can find ways to save time by checking whether the information is redundant and use it accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The time spent filling out application forms is exhaustive, and it can be tough to handle. However, it’s not something you can avoid when you’re looking to apply for certain jobs or make significant purchases. So, the next time you need to fill out an application form, remember to read the instructions carefully, plan ahead of time, and verify the details before submitting. Some companies will even have autofill options that can save you a lot of time. By following the above tips, you can reduce the frustration and make application forms a lot less time-consuming.


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