Four Days Workweek

Can Healthcare do the Four-Day Workweek?

In a previous post, we discussed how one of the largest studies ever conducted for a four-day workweek had glittering results for both the company’s production and the employees’ well-being.

But is it realistic for services that need coverage on a 24/7 basis, such as healthcare?

If healthcare organizations decide to join and implement a four-day workweek, it would likely require significant changes to staffing and scheduling. Additionally, healthcare is an industry that is often dependent on 24/7 coverage, so it may not be feasible for all healthcare providers. Factors such as the specific type of healthcare services provided, the size of the organization, and the needs of patients would all need to be considered when determining if a four-day workweek is possible.

Secondly, the recent Great Resignation mostly came from healthcare. Where healthcare workers lost their purpose and experienced burnout, and left. Now, healthcare is dangerously understaffed and overworked. This is one of the biggest hurdles that this program will be facing.

Lastly, it would also be important to evaluate how a four-day workweek would impact the quality of care provided and the safety of patients, as well as the overall financial stability of the institution. Can healthcare institutions keep their staff while the employees keep fewer hours?

The study of the four-day workweek reported that no production was lost, and employees were less tired and burnt out. It does seem on the surface that using this strategy can give our clinicians much-needed rest and time to heal, especially after the pandemic. More time off means they can deal with their own chores, issues, needs, and family better. It looks like a great solution to the burnout issues healthcare is facing today.

Unless healthcare finds a solution to its staffing problems, maybe hiring more people or finding technology that can simplify tasks, a four-day workweek would be very difficult to achieve. This means healthcare needs to deal with burnout, fatigue, work-life balance, morale, and mental health issues of their employees. This is where DCC shines. Our Healthcare Now program has been developed to improve the resilience of our healthcare workers through innovative methods of self-care, communication, and teamwork. There’s no time to waste; let’s discuss this more today. Please email us at