The healthcare institution is an emotionally charged zone. Many people are in pain, and some are sick; healthcare workers are in controlled chaos, constantly in a hurry, and decisions are being made that are literally life or death. In such an environment, the conflict will naturally arise as emotions collide.

What can you do as a healthcare worker? What can you do as a leader? Diffusing conflict is an integral part of any workplace, and healthcare workers are not exempt. Here are ways that a healthcare worker can diffuse conflict at work.

✔️ Be calm. Maintaining a calm and professional demeanor can help to de-escalate a situation and prevent the conflict from spiraling further.

✔️ Actively listen. Encourage everyone to express their concerns and actively listen to their perspectives and leave judgment out the window.

✔️ Recognize everyone’s feelings. Acknowledge the emotions of everyone involved and validate their feelings. They have the right to feel the way they do.

✔️ Find common ground. Finding common goals and areas of agreement for everyone is a necessary step to diffusing conflict.

✔️ Be flexible. Be open to considering different perspectives and be willing to compromise.

✔️ Use “I” statements. Speak from your own perspective and use “I” statements to express your own thoughts and feelings.

✔️ Take responsibility. Take responsibility for your own actions and apologize if necessary.

✔️ Seek help. There are things that we cannot simply solve on our own. Ask for guidance from a supervisor or manager if needed.

✔️ Do a Follow up. Find time to follow up with everyone involved to ensure that the conflict has been resolved and to prevent future conflicts.

It’s important to remember that conflicts can be resolved through effective communication and collaboration among all parties involved. Approach conflicts with a problem-solving mindset and try to understand the perspective of the other parties. This is why one of the pillars of DCC’s Healthcare Now program is honest communication from the heart and actions from the mind. It’s an experiential pillar that will help you diffuse conflict and more in your healthcare institution. Let’s begin discovering how our program will work for you. Please email us at