Healthcare Career Cushioning

Career cushioning is a new trend in the workplace. Some say it’s just another term for something that has always been done by employees. It is the practice of looking for another job while still employed in another.

It may seem like this trend cannot affect people who have unforgiving schedules and have all their focus on their jobs. But yes, it is possible for healthcare workers to job search while still employed. Just make sure to consider a few things:


✅ Keep it on the low. It’s important to be discreet when job searching while employed in the healthcare industry, as you don’t want to compromise patient confidentiality or create any disruptions in care.


✅ Organize your schedule. Healthcare workers often have demanding schedules, so it’s important to manage your time effectively and prioritize your tasks when job searching while employed.


✅ Be Professional. Work as best as you can. Continue performing at a high level in your current position, even if you are unhappy or looking for a new job.


✅ Check your contract. There may be legal considerations to keep in mind when job searching while employed in the healthcare industry, such as non-compete clauses or contractual obligations.


Consider part-time work. Moonlighting has been around for ages and can still help you out if you need some extra income. There is tons of related work, like traveling nurses or other non-medical work online.


Job cushioning is just another trend that allows healthcare workers the option to find a better job than where they are. There are many things that can push a healthcare professional to make that decision– a toxic workplace, issues with their leaders or co-workers, salary problems, and career growth.


These concerns can be cured by the correct programs put forward by leadership. Offer competitive salaries and benefits, if possible, to reflect how important they are to the institution in their salaries. Provide opportunities for growth and development, such as training and advancement opportunities. Keep your employees engaged and invested in healthcare institutions, and keep the lines of communication open and honest so that you know when employees have problems. That, in a nutshell, is DCC’s Healthcare Now program, a holistic solution to the issues of healthcare. A program that has worked for a lot of healthcare institutions all over the country. Let me show you how Healthcare Now can help you. Please email us at