Effective delegation is a crucial skill in the workplace, especially for leaders. It not only helps in managing workloads but also empowers your team, builds trust, and assists with professional development. Here are 10 tips to help you delegate tasks effectively at work:


  1. Identify Tasks to Delegate: Not all tasks should be delegated. Identify those that someone else can do or those where someone else’s expertise is better suited.


  1. Choose the Right Person: Consider the skills, knowledge, and workload of your team members before delegating a task. The right person should have the capacity and ability to complete the task successfully.


  1. Clearly Define Expectations: Clearly communicate what the task entails, the expected outcome, and any deadlines. Ambiguity can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes.


  1. Provide Necessary Resources: Ensure that the person you’re delegating the task to has all the resources they need to accomplish it. This could include information, authority, or specific tools.

5. Allow Autonomy: Avoid micromanaging. Once you’ve delegated the task, allow your team member the freedom to approach it in their own way.

    1. Encourage Questions: Make it clear that questions are welcome. This openness fosters communication, ensures clarity, and helps avoid potential problems down the line.
    1. Monitor Progress: Check-in periodically on progress, but don’t hover. These check-ins should be opportunities for guidance and feedback, not control.
    1. Show Appreciation: Recognize the effort your team members put into the task. This appreciation boosts morale and motivation.
    1. Give Constructive Feedback: If there are areas for improvement, provide constructive feedback. This helps your team member learn and grow professionally.
    1. Reflect on the Process: After the task is completed, reflect on what went well and what could be improved. This reflection will help you delegate more effectively in the future.

    Remember, delegation is not about offloading your work. It’s about maximizing the productivity and skills of your team. By delegating effectively, you can build a stronger, more capable team.

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I just had to share from my session yesterday…   This is a client who, in the beginning, I doubted I could make much progress with: tons of story detail, black and white, I am the way I am, etc. Really tough 360 feedback (I would have been mortified but she was OK with it). I looked at her as my challenge and decided to serve the hell out of her.    In the first phase, it really was about self-awareness. It was inching along and I wasn’t sure that meaningful transformation was possible.   The next phase begins…still a ton of story detail. The focused goals/metrics helped but I still had my doubts if our work together was making any impact.    Mid-phase, something changed. She started telling me stories of how she was treating her people differently and how she was getting more positive feedback from her reports. Hmmm. The last half of Phase II was somewhat hijacked by her difficulty in dealing with a direct supervisor she didn’t trust. By the end, she was telling me how much our sessions were helping her.   Then the transition phase. Every session (13 now) I begin by asking for “three words that describe you today.” Every single session I got 1-3 words having something to do with being behind, overwhelmed, stressed, etc. Yesterday her words were “running, behind, anxious.” I thought, we’re still here, not making any movement at all…   Boy was I wrong. I proceeded to be blown away by the woman on the other end of the phone. She was telling me about the amazing creative, collaborative and educational things she’s been up to with her team. In addition she’s turned into a more positive, compassionate leader. The results are still black and white but the paths she takes to those results are very different than they used to be. AND she attributes it directly to coaching!   What an inspiring, invigorating and humbling experience. Transformation didn’t come at the pace or in the package I’d expected but boy, did it ever come.   Thank you to both you and David for giving me the opportunity to serve in this way. What a joy.

DCC Career Coaching Client

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