The Cover Letter Debate: Is It Dead?

 Are you struggling to get noticed in a crowded job market? You’re not alone! One of the biggest debates among job seekers today involves whether or not cover letters are still relevant. While some argue that cover letters are a critical component of the hiring process, others say it’s time to move on to alternative methods to stand out – so, what is the truth?

The Cover Letter Debate: Is It Dead?

The answer isn’t a simple one. According to a study by Jobvite, 47% of recruiters still believe that cover letters are important, but a recent LinkedIn survey shows that only 26% of job seekers even bother writing one. The reality is that cover letters can be useful to emphasize your unique selling points and demonstrate your interest in the position. However, they risk becoming repetitive or generic, lacking in substance and value.

Alternatives That Work

Instead of solely relying on a cover letter, consider leveraging some of these alternate techniques to supplement your job search:

 Use Professional Networks: Networking is still one of the most effective ways to stand out in today’s job market. Attend industry conferences or connect with professionals in your industries via LinkedIn to establish a genuine connection.

Create your LinkedIn Profile: Your LinkedIn profile can provide job seekers with a strong and professional online presence, making you discoverable by recruiters.

Customized Application Materials: Customizing a resume and tailoring it towards the specific job requirements can help job seekers stand out. Candidates with equal qualifications can stand out through their efforts to appear more knowledgeable about organizations, industries or the role they are applying for.

 Advice from the Experts

Here’s what some prominent recruitment experts have shared:

Amanda Augustine – TopResume’s career expert recommends focusing on the job description, and tailoring your application through a “matching analysis” – identifying your topmost relevant qualifications.

Kathleen O’Brien – LinkedIn’s Director of careers shared that most marketers make the same mistake of not “telling your story” to sell yourself to recruiters while differentiating yourself from other applicants.

Final Thoughts

The cover letter isn’t entirely dead yet. However, it is vital to focus on creating and leveraging more effective job search tactics to ensure you stand out in a competitive job market today. Through customized resumes, leveraging reputable professional networks and a strong online presence via LinkedIn are all excellent ways of showing recruiters what makes you unique. It’s time to embrace change and take action towards developing and strengthening these valuable alternate techniques to land the job you have been dreaming of!


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