Micromanagement in a Healthcare Setting

When management is closely scrutinizing, reporting, and controlling the work of others, that’s micromanagement, and the healthcare industry is not immune to such.

We know that micromanagement can lead to decreased morale because they feel like they are constantly being watched and monitored. It can reduce autonomy, creativity, and critical thinking, stifling the ability of healthcare professionals to think quickly and independently and come up with creative solutions to problems.

Micromanagement can also be a problem for efficiency. When healthcare professionals are constantly being interrupted and directed on what to do, it can be hard to get into a flow and work efficiently. This can lead to errors and ultimately damage the doctor-patient relationship. Any rapport the healthcare professional sought to establish is ruined by another hanging on their every word.


There are several alternative approaches to managing healthcare professionals that may be more effective:

Empowerment. Rather than closely controlling every aspect of their work, consider empowering healthcare professionals to make their own decisions and find their own solutions to problems. This can foster a sense of ownership and responsibility and may lead to better outcomes and increased job satisfaction.


Collaborative goal setting. Instead of dictating specific tasks and deadlines, consider involving healthcare professionals in the goal-setting process. This can help to ensure that goals are realistic and achievable and can foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration.


Regular check-ins and feedback. Consider having regular check-ins and providing feedback on their progress. Give them the support and guidance they need to succeed and allow them to maintain a sense of autonomy and ownership over their work.

Micromanagement is truly never a welcome style in the healthcare institution. The unpredictability of the number of patients, staffing issues, and of course, people’s lives are at stake; healthcare professionals should be confident in what they do all the time.


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