Organizational Development

Creating a Healthy and Thriving Team 

At DCC, we believe People are the Real Bottom Line.  Companies are comprised of people from all walks of life—each with their own story and their own purpose.  Think about it…you don’t have a company without your employees! Since your company is comprised of individuals with their own unique set of needs, your company has its own unique blueprint for how you do business. Our goal is to take your existing blueprint and work with you and your employees to achieve its strategic goalsWe also believe you can enjoy the process and have fun doing it, too!

DCC’s Organizational Transformation Solutions

When we design an organizational development plan for your organization, we first assess your strengths. We build upon those strengths to create a solid foundation for your organization. Building on your sweet spots creates sweet results.

Unlike many companies who conduct sophisticated assessments and then leave you to work out what to do with the beautiful reports they left behind, we don’t abandon you! We work closely with you—supporting you in making your organization thrive. We use an integrated approach where the data we gather is just the beginning of a process. We use 1:1 and group coaching, organizational development initiatives, and specific learning tools and techniques to create lasting change—transforming your culture and your organization. 

Employee Engagement

How motivated is your team to go that extra mile, leading you to better bottom line results? DCC takes action by having your employees participate as part of the strategic solution. Engaged workforces create exceptional business results.

We achieve this by:

  • Recognizing everyone has value.
  • We ask and deeply listen to what people are saying.
  • We work through tough issues using a process where we teach you to recognize your emotions but don’t necessarily need to react or take action on them.

“Organizations in the top decile of engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share, and have 90% better growth trend than their competition.”  Crowley, Mark, Gallup’s Workplace Jedi On How To Fix Our Employee Engagement Problem, Fast Company, 4 June 2013.

For a major healthcare organization, David Couper and his team improved employee engagement by 15% over a one-year period. The key was a joint management employee collaboration which drove real action based on employee data.

Leadership Assessments

Using 360-degree feedback tools, personality assessments, focus groups, and surveys, we collect information that your leaders use to increase employee engagement, which, therefore, increases your company’s bottom line.

Using a series of assessments, DCC coached a group of 90 leaders on developing their strengths. As a result, patient satisfaction and other metrics increased significantly within a six-month period.

Culture Shift

Defining your current culture is one issue, defining what your future culture should be is another, and making the shift is yet another challenge. At DCC, we look at the whole picture, with true partnership and compassionate collaboration, so we can make your organization more successful by shifting your attitudes, customs and, most importantly, beliefs. One way we achieve this is by using culture surveys and other assessments to assist us in the transformational process.

DCC worked with a large HMO and saw that employees were demotivated by a culture of punishment and negativity. In response to this, we created a Rewards and Recognition Program that shifted the culture from a negative one to a positive working environment. Employees reported a significant increase in work satisfaction.

Change Management

Part of DCC’s philosophy is to challenge the idea that we can manage change. Although many organizational development theories see change as an event and change management as a process, we believe at DCC that change is constant, our world is constantly evolving, and following a linear process is limiting.

What we do know is that we can decide how we react to change. How we relate to the issue is the issue.  That key difference is the foundation of the change work DCC does. Equipping employees to manage their reactions can produce more effective business results. At the core of this approach is the skill of being agile. This is one of the greatest strengths that an organization and its leaders can demonstrate in times of chaos.

David Couper has led and partnered on change management projects ranging from the merger of Asahi Shinwa, the largest accounting firm in Japan, with Arthur Andersen, through electronic loan file implementation for a mortgage company, and the biggest change that most healthcare professionals have seen with the Affordable Care Act.

Diversity & Inclusion

David Couper has over 20+ years of international business experience working with people around the globe from Asia to Europe to the Americas.  At DCC, we don’t identify with what’s different in people, but we celebrate what’s similar. We teach people to lay down their judgments about others and themselves so they can embrace and accept each other for who they are. Celebrating and acknowledging diversity is key to a successful business plan.

For a large healthcare organization, David Couper led a team that helped to build community and inclusion through various strategic interventions. Walls were broken down and barriers were removed through the simple act of breaking bread together.

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