Getting to the Root of the Problem 

Whether employee engagement and productivity are low or overwhelm is too high, you need to find a solution, not just a quick fix. While we understand the desire for a quick fix, that’s like putting a piece of duck tape on a gushing water main. It might solve the problem for a couple of minutes, but it will continue to leak and eventually flood.

What we do instead is to get to the root of the problem and work from the inside out, meaning that there will be positive changes that last long after our work together is done. We get to the heart of the matter and to the heart of your people.

Learn More About Our Solutions for Your Business Below:

WIN Coaching

Based on positive psychology and strengths based leadership, we guide our clients into harnessing their greatest strengths and experiencing professional and personal breakthroughs.

DCC’s Transforming Culture™ Leadership Development Program develops the skills and behaviors needed to transform an organization’s culture and, by doing so, their business results transform too.

These women in leadership programs are designed to support women leaders holding all titles in the professional workplace. With several different workshop options, we facilitate partner exercises, solo writing and journal exercises, sharing, coaching, and more to support women leaders by leveraging individual strengths and abilities.

This ultimately leads to greater levels of success for themselves and their teams.

Meditation and mindfulness programs are changing corporate cultures in some of the world’s top companies. What could it do for your business?

Physicians and healthcare professionals are being pulled in every direction by new demands. DCC’s programs tailored for the healthcare industry are unique and effective.

Diversity and Inclusion are key to a healthy and thriving workplace. Not only is investing in efforts to support D&I the right thing to do for your people, but it is also the right thing to invest in your company’s future. Learn how to become a more consistent, inclusive workplace and increase productivity, innovation, retention, and collaboration.

“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.”

- Brian Tracy