Quiet Hiring In Today’s Workplace


We’ve all heard of quiet quitting, where employees do only what is required of them in their work and nothing more. Well, employers are now pushing its opposite– quiet hiring. Companies fill vacancies without bringing on new permanent employees. This can include hiring temporary contractors or giving current employees additional responsibilities beyond their original job descriptions. The downside of quiet hiring is that it often does not come with an immediate promotion or pay increase, although it could be possible in the future.

As there is a shortage of skilled employees and how the economy is going, companies are turning to quiet hiring as a solution. It can be seen as a cost-saving and time-efficient method as it eliminates the need for lengthy recruitment processes. Companies also frame quiet hiring as a way for employees to progress in their careers and showcase skills that can lead to future promotions or raises. However, not all employees are on board, it seems like the brunt of the work falls on the employees, and there’s no clear indication of a pathway up.


As an employee, there are steps you can take to ensure that you don’t fall for this trend of quiet hiring that looks to be more beneficial for employers:

🔵 Discuss additional pay with your manager. One or two small weekly tasks are fine, but if it looks like the work is more than usual, talk to your manager about a pay raise or a promotion. Better yet, get it in writing.

🔵 Be clear about your growth and career goals. Since you are taking in more work, ask how the new responsibilities align with your professional goals and career development. Impress on them of your original path and discuss if you are being groomed for another. It must be your choice to go with your path or theirs or have them both aligned.

🔵 Watch out for burnout. Know and check if you are getting overwhelmed. Are you losing sleep? Do you still have time for your loved ones? Is work cutting into your “me-time”? Did it take away from your hobbies? Are you dragging your feet to the office?


No matter your take on the subject, quiet hiring is real, and many workplaces use this trend for their employees to gain an advantage. It is up to you to turn it into an advantage for more pay and a better career. But never sacrifice your own well-being to make your goals real. There is always the right time to advance and move on. This kind of trend cannot be present in a workplace that values true and honest communication. Our Talent Management programs ensure that employees and employers are aligned through communication and teamwork. Let’s discuss how DCC can make this happen. Please email us at info@davidcouperconsulting.com.