Retention Concerns in Healthcare

Healthcare institutions have had retention issues even before the pandemic. Which, in turn, exacerbated the issue to unprecedented levels. High turnover rates can lead to increased costs, reduced productivity, and a negative impact on patient satisfaction. What can we do about these issues?


An immense level of stress and burnout among healthcare workers can result in retention concerns. The demands of the job, including long shifts, high patient loads, and the pressure to deliver high-quality care, can take a toll on employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the already high levels of stress faced by healthcare workers.


Lack of support from management. When healthcare workers do not feel valued or supported by their managers, they may be more likely to leave their jobs. This can include a lack of support for professional development, a lack of recognition for their contributions, and a lack of opportunities for advancement.


So what can a healthcare institution do to prevent their employees from leaving and, more importantly, make them want to stay? Here are some tips:


Improve working conditions. A tired team needs only the slightest nudge to make them leave. Try to provide adequate staff, offer flexible schedules, and reduce burnout through work-life balance and encouraging self-care.


Make room for professional development. Provide training and education opportunities, as well as coaching and mentorship. By investing in the development of your employees, you can help them decide to stay, and their new skills will improve the quality of your institution.


Most will look at retention as looking for ways to stop your people from leaving. DCC sees it through a different set of eyes. We view retention as creating a culture and environment in your healthcare institution that will make your employees want to stay. This is the mission of Healthcare Now, the most holistic program designed to improve your healthcare institution from within. Through Healthcare Now, your team learns self-care, resilience, true communication, and how to find your collective voice. Let’s discuss the way we can help your culture. Please email us at